Saturday, April 15, 2006

Rain, Rain go away

It has been so nice outside these past few days, until today. The girls were so upset, that they couldn't go out and play today. Makayla woke up and she had her day all planned out. First she was going to play on the swing set. Then she was going to play kick the ball. Then she wanted to build a fort. I found this out during breakfast. Bryanna just wanted to blow bubbles and ride her bike. Well by the time breakfast was over and they watched cartoons, they had to take their baths. After their baths, it was almost time for them to take a nap. I guess they played so hard in the morning, they slept for a few hours. Then they had to eat lunch. They had just enough time to ride their bikes for about 20 minutes then it started to rain. The rain stopped for a while, but not long enough for them to go back out and play. So maybe tomorrow the girls can go play outside. But I think James wants to take them to the park to play if it is nice enough. I hope the weather is better, so I can go and finish getting my garden ready.

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