Monday, September 08, 2008

Happy to be Alive

Well yesterday sucked! James, the girls and I were in a car wreck. James totaled the Camaro. It is toast. If we weren't in the Camaro we probably would have not walked away. So I thank God, that everyone is fine, all but some bumps and bruises. This is what happened.

We were driving to drop off a tool to his Dad. We all just came from a car show and his Dad traded one car for another. So the thermostat goes out. Well we were at an old neighbors house visiting. We left from there to go up the street to help his Dad. Well as were coming to a stop at a T intersection. Well the Camaro's breaks failed. I mean there were no breaks at all. So James tried to do every thing he could to stop. Well a Ford F150 T-boned us going 50+ mph. James turned the wheel and we ended up hitting a guard rail, of the over pass facing the wrong way of traffic. Luckily the car in the lane we ended up in saw the wreck before he hit us. So the man and the woman in the other car put their flashers on to help with the accident. So James' car is pinned up against the guard rail. So he takes his seat belt off and he can't open the door. He climbs out the window to see how the other people are. The girls are crying so I kick open my door and pull Bryanna out my side. In that adrenaline state, I try and pull open James' door not realizing that it is pinned, to get Makayla out. All I thought was, it is an old car and you never know if it will catch on fire or not.

So after I get both girls out and look them over, James is calling the police. I call his brother Joe who is with his Dad to tell them what is going on. Well Joe rushed over to help us. Here is the kicker. We don't have car insurance. We couldn't afford to pay it this month since James was laid off. So James and Joe think James might go to jail. So Joe tells me to get the girls and go in his car to where their Dad is at, just in case James does go to jail.

Joe calls his wife since they have a tow truck to tow James' car, so it doesn't get impounded. After about an hour I finally catch up with James and everyone and we take the messed up Camaro to his Dad's house.

We all went to the hospital and everyone is fine. It took all night to get to the hospital. James' Mom wouldn't let us go until we had car insurance. No big deal right? Well my printer is out of ink and I didn't have the vin number to my car on me. So she had to drive me 30 minutes to my house and 30 minutes back to hers so I could get car insurance. Then she was making a big deal about how she wanted to drop James at one hospital and take me and the girls to another. Well I just wanted to get to my car and deal with my family shit. I didn't want to hang out with her all night. Don't get me wrong, she means well, but she drives me up the fucking wall. I can't be around her to long with out my mouth going off from the shit she does and says. So it took us until midnight to get home to our car. That was 8 hours after we went to their house with the Camaro. Going to two different hospitals only took 4 hours. So we didn't get home until 6 this morning. I had to get up to deal with all of the calling James' boss, the girls' school and my doctor to see if I can get a later appointment today.

All in all, we had a fucked up day. I am glad we are all fine and we walked away. James has a mild concussion, he messed up his shoulder and his back hurts. Bryanna is fine she isn't complaining of anything. Makayla has a bump on her head. I fucked up my elbow and my back trying to get James' door open. So we were very lucky. If we were in anyone of our other cars, we probably wouldn't be so lucky. They don't make cars like the Camaro anymore. So here are some pictures of the after math.

The truck's bumper hit right where the side mirrior is.
the messed up door and fender that James and I spent a week putting on and getting it to look right is all fucked up now.

the cracked windsheild.


Yvonne said...

Good gravy. Glad to know you are substantially ok. Thank goodness.

Heatherly said...

oh so sorry about the car!
tirzah was in a cr accident last week. we ran to her while we could, she will be in africa next month and we wont be able to rush to her side :0(

glad you are ok