Saturday, September 27, 2008

Felt Up

No, I'm not talking about knitting. I was felt up today. It wasn't by James or my doctor. It was buy a drunk guy at Speedway. I have had a really eventful day. First, I fall in a hole. Well my leg fell in a hole, and my body followed.

James and I were over at his parents' house digging holes for a fence. Well I stepped back to get out of the way, of them trying to get a big ass rock out of the hole and I fell in one. So that was fun. Then I go to Speedway and I get felt up buy a stranger.

I was in line waiting to get cigarettes and pay for some chips for the girls. Then this drunk guy started talking to me. I was nice and just smiled and nodded. Well I guess he wasn't done talking and poked me to get my attention. Well he poked me in my boob. He kept on poking me in my boob. I looked at him like What the hell!? and he said " Oh, that's your boob? It's kinda nice." So I said," Yeah, I know. They are nice, so get the fuck off my boob!"

So I had an interesting day. First I feel like Alice in Wonderland falling in a hole. Then I feel like Anita Hill getting sexually harassed. It's not even Wednesday. I can only be sexually harassed on Wednesdays. That is the only day it's okay to get sexually harassed.

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