Saturday, July 05, 2008

Mother F%#@*$!

Well today started out great. I went to the store and got grocery's and paid bills. Normal stuff. Well this evening I went to a Dayton Dragons game. The girls really like to watch the local baseball games. James' Aunt has season tickets and she wasn't going to us them and asked us if we would like to go. Well James decided to finish his side job. So I asked the neighbors next door if they would like to go see a game. They are from Texas and don't know much about the Dayton area.

We all get to the game and had fun. There was even a fireworks show after the game. We all had a great time, until we were on our way home. Since there were two car loads of people we ended up getting split up. So I take the fastest way I know. Well I am on State Route 235 going through Park Layne and I hit something. Didn't see what it was since it was dark and I just kept on going. Well just as soon as we get through the light at State Route 40, my fucking tire blows. Okay, so I get out and go to change it. Well 40 is a very busy road. Like crazy busy. So I am trying to change the tire as fast as I can. Well as I am half way through changing the tire some wonderful woman pulls over and shines her lights so I can see what I am doing and so other people can see me. She was great. I didn't catch her name but she was going on about how " you don't see any of these men coming over to help, those lazy bastards." She was pretty funny.

I finally get the spare on. It was a doughnut so it is small. As I am lowering the car, the mother fucking spare is flat! So I tell the lady thanks and called James. He is on his way with some Fix-a-Flat. As we were waiting on him to get there, a cop pulls up behind me. Lori is across the street at the drive thru, to see if they are still open to get the girls something to drink. Well the cop asks the usual questions. So I tell him I hit something and I don't know what it was and I didn't see it. So I changed the tire and the spare was flat and I was waiting on James to get there to rescue me. He ran my tags and drivers license to see if I had any warrants or what ever. So I show the cop my tire and how the side was blown out. All is well. It took James about 20 minutes to get there and the whole time the cop sat behind me with his bright fucking lights shined in my window. I know he was just there to make sure no one hit us or something, but it got a little annoying. He could at least turned his bright lights off.

Well James gets there and fills up the tire and then he tells the cop he is going to follow me home. I get home and now I am trying to relax after that event. Since it is almost midnight on Saturday, I won't be able to get a new tire until Monday. So hence the title Mother F%#@*$!

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