Saturday, March 01, 2008


Since I have moved to Tipp City, I haven't done much of anything. It is a very, very quiet town. All I hear is the train that is maybe 500 feet away several times a day. Not much excitement here. I watch the birds and the ninja squirrels and knit. None of that crazy big city life here.

I haven't knitted a whole lot lately. I am almost done with a pair of socks. I am working on a cable rib baby hat. I don't know if I am digging the cables. I guess if I would use different yarn, it might look a little better. I'm using Yarn Bee Baby. I have become a yarn snob. I do not like that cheap crap. I think it looks bad and it splits to much. I might have to go to Ewetopia to get more. Yea, that's all I need, is more yarn. I had to down size more than half my stash when I moved. Now I am only down to one big giant basket and one medium size basket of yarn.

Since I am doing the "drinking for babies" on Tuesday's at the Eagles, I have more things to do. I keep forgetting to bring yarn to Mom. She is just starting to re-learn crocheting again. She hasn't crocheted in 20 years. But she picked up on it fast. I am teaching another woman there how to knit. She is doing really good on her scarf. Doris has only had a few mess ups, but she is doing better than I was when I learned.

I have also been teaching my niece Brittany how to knit. She is 12 and is getting good at it to. I thought if I would teach her how to crochet first, it might be easier. Nope. She doesn't get crocheting, but she gets knitting. Which is odd. I would think crocheting would be easier. I guess everyone is different. I started crocheting when I was about 6 or 7. Grandma had to give me something to do, so I wouldn't drive her crazy. I was one of those kids that bounced off walls and climbed them to. Hmm, kind of like Makayla.

Makayla is learning how to crochet to. So far she can make a chain. She is at the point where she can do the next row. I took her with me last Tuesday to the Eagles to crochet. She didn't do much because one of her friends was there. She just likes to be apart of things. Which is fine with me. Every once in a while she will sit on the couch and crochet when I am knitting.

I guess since I am talking about knitting, I should actuall do some.

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