Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I have now realized that I live in a small town. I went to the grocery store the other day and when I walked in, the Produce Guy said, " Hello, how are you doing today?" That is the first time in my entire shopping life, that I had a person at the grocery store greet me. As I was walking around getting the things that I needed, I saw 3 or 4 people I knew from the Eagles.

It is just odd to me to live in a small town. I have lived in a fairly big city my whole life until now. Everyone is so much nicer here. There are more smile and hello's from people. In Huber Heights, all you get is dirty looks and the occasional middle finger.In Tipp City things are at a slower pace. Nobody is in a hurry or drives like assholes. I guess that is because there is only Main Street and that is it.

So when I go out walking around Old Tipp,I feel like I'm in that show back in the 50's Mayberry. I don't have to worry about assholes or stupid people. There are a lot of neat shops in Old Tipp. I really like the antique stores. You can find the neatest things in them. Plus there are a lot of mom and pop restaurants that have great food.

All in all, I really like living in a small town. I thought it would be hard since there aren't any Wal-Marts or big chain stores here. If I want to go to them, I have to go to Huber Heights or Troy. So I have a 20 minute drive either way. But I think I can live with out Wal-Mart a block away.

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