Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm Going to Do IT

I am going to home school Makayla. I have asked her and she is okay with it. She seems fine with it for the most part. But she is worried about her friends. I told her before we move to get all of their phone numbers and she can call them any time she wants.

There are a few support homeschooling groups in my area. The only problem I have is, they are all Christian run groups. I don't know exactly what type of Christian they are. I don't want her to be involved with any "Church of God" type church. James was raised in that type of church, which is fine. But I don't believe in the talking in tongues or getting the "holy spirit" in you and you go into seizures kind of thing. Even though I wasn't baptized, I was raise with the Catholic kind of way, and that was seen as being possessed by demons or something. So the "Church of God" seems wrong to me.

Those groups do offer field trips and other activities. So she will have other kids to play and hang out with. I don't want her to be one of those weird, un-socialized kids. She is way to outgoing for that. I will just have to check those groups out first.

I did talk to her teacher. Makayla is falling behind in school. The track she is on now, she will be held back in first grade. We both agreed that she is more worried about what every one else is doing, than what she needs to do. Plus with every teacher she has had, there suggestion was to put her on medication. Well I did that. That wasn't the problem. The medication just made her a zombie or very moody.

I will see how things go at the end of this school year, with me teaching her myself. If she is doing better with me teaching her, I might just keep teaching her through fifth grade. I do want her to be apart of a real public school at some point. She needs to know the "real world" kind of thing. I don't want to shelter her.

As for Bryanna, I will keep her in public schools for now. If she starts falling behind, then I will school her myself also. So far she is doing very well. I am still working with her ,with writing her name. She can't spell it yet, but she knows what her name looks like. She can say all of her ABC's and count to 30. She can identify most of her ABC's. But with how quiet and timid she is, she needs to be around kids.

I just sent in the notification to the Superintendent of Makayla's school. I should hear back from them with in 2 weeks. They can still deny me from teaching her myself. But all you need to be able to teach your children is a High School Diploma or a G.E.D. Well since I went to school in the same school system, I hope they don't look at my transcripts. =( I was not a very good student at the beginning of High School. Now at the end was a different story. I think I graduated with a 3.5 GPA, for my senior year.

I guess I will have to see how this thing all works out.


eclecticeducation said...

Actually, I don't think they can deny you. Ohio's law are very vague, but under the law, technically you are just notifying them of intent, not asking permission. Now, if your child falls really behind in homeschooling, they can force you back in school, but it has to be pretty fall behind. As for the support groups, the people within them vary. I'm not sure what part of Dayton you are from, but the PEACH group may be the best fit for you, but it is out in Xenia. They are extremely active and very large. But even the other groups, they are religious, but most are not Assembly of God people (or at least that I have noticed). Like I said, most of the groups are varied. You do have the "always wear dresses, long haired type", but I have found most of them are very sweet and not pushy (at least the ones I know). I am a Christian, but not an "Assembly of God" type and I wear pants, but I have not felt uncomfortable since there are all types. Do you mind telling me the general area you live in? I may be able to help guide you better then. About books, well, i tend to be a curriculum-aholic, I have used a lot of things (the list would fill the page with what all I have bought!) When my oldest was young, I used McGraw- Hill's The Complete Book of Math and The Complete Book of Reading. I also used Bob Jones Science and History. I will not be using Bob Jones with my younger son who will enter 1st next year. I was not real happy with it. With my younger son, I will be doing more literature based studies, use picture books to teach about science and social studies. I also use the websites,, and a lot There are so many choices, it is impossible for me to list all of them. If you have an idea of what you want, I may be able to give you some suggestions and at least point you in the right direction. If you want to e-mail me, that would be fine. My e-mail:


Heatherly said...

lol, my mom was aHS dropout who got her GED after a year of teaching us 3rd and 5th grade work.

once you figure out your style there should be non religious groups too, but for the most part, past experience, most groups are from so many different churches and denominations. and there are probably guidelines about pushing beliefs on to is the nonconformists who homeschool :-D