Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Okay, I am about to get up on my soap box and rant. This might get a little ugly.

I went to Bryanna's parent/teacher conference yesterday. She is doing very well, but there are a few things she needs to work on. So basically she is getting a C in pre-school. Which is pretty good since she has never been to school before. Anyways, her Teacher asked me a question that really pissed me off. She asked, " Have you ever thought about getting her tested for Autism?"

What the HELL LADY?!!! There is nothing wrong with Bryanna. I am sick of people telling me that Bryanna is "Developmentally Delayed" or something else. She is a NORMAL 4 year old. She just has her quirks.

What brought up the Teacher's question is, Bryanna doesn't like to be touched by strange people. She will get upset if someone she doesn't know, touches, brushes up against her or gets in her "personal space". That and Bryanna whines when she gets frustrated. So I explained to the Teacher that some kids just don't like to be touched and she is one of them. If she knows someone she has no problem with them getting in her "personal space" or touching her.

The same thing with Makayla. The MIL and her Teachers all had me convinced that she has ADHD. I spent all summer with her, and she is fine. She is just like I was when I was a kid. She gets bored and has to find ways to amuse herself. Sometimes it gets her in trouble. So I got sucked into the medicating your child thing. I just stopped giving her the pills, because I realized I wasn't doing my job as a parent. I had to be the one to challenge her since she wasn't getting that at school. I am glad I figured that out on my own before it was to late.

So to all of the Parents who are quick to put kids on medication, you are all idiots! ( I am an idiot myself) Don't take the "easy" way out. Do your FUCKING JOB! As for the Teachers, you don't get paid enough to be parents to 30+ kids. But you also are to quick to judge and want the easy way out to. If you can't handle 30+ little kids, get your PH.D and be a professor at a college.

I know I might have pissed a whole lot of people off with that comment. These days, people are getting lazy. They don't want to take the time to deal with their kids. I know, I know most Teachers are under paid. Well if it were up to me, Teachers would make as much as doctors. But since the high job loss and people voting No on Levy's for schools, Teachers don't get paid enough.

Okay I feel a little bit better.


Cindylou said...

I stumbled onto the moms group on Ravelry which led me here, and can I jsut say? I think I like you already. My son (now 8) had the same issues in school, kindergarten too agressive, first grade not assertive enough, second grade, too sensitive, third grade... So following the advice of the school I had him tested, after being told he needed glasses, nope, hearing problem, nope, depression, no... end result? Gifted and talented. UP YOURS PUBLIC SCHOOL

Penny Karma said...

I stumbled here the same way. My daughter had an IEP (against my better judgment) in kindergarten based on observations someone made of her in pre-school. They had me test her for austism, ADHD, Sensory Integration Disorder, all that. I have an excellent pediatrician who told me she was normal, and I am so glad I believed him, despite what everyone else seemed to say. Once she got to kindergarten, she tested into the gifted program too. Stand your ground and be your child's best advocate!

Heatherly said...

get your phd...that made me laugh!
the professionals have told me my baby had a metabolic disorder (no she learned to crawl it isnt a fat lump any more) my boys were hyper active (they are perfectly capable of being calm and focusing-IF THEY WANT TO). i had friends who were told their kids were delayed that were in the top 5 of their colleges.
it all comes down to "i dont have the time to invest in your kid because it is actual work".

ok, but could you teach the kids to read atleast then?

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Let me tell you one thing; parents are always wrong in the eyes of the so called professional educator. If it involves teachers or therapists, they pretend to know, but they do not. I had my share of them already a long time ago, and boy... it is so hard for them to admit that mom is right. Teachers underpaid? Mothers need to get paid for raising their children! They do it all for free! I can take the teacher's job myself and educate my children better than they do. (the teachers at my daughter's school are more sick than at work)