Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Update

Well this weekend has been kind of boring. Both girls were gone on Saturday night. So as most parent would go out and party, we didn't do anything. Well James and I went to a corn maze. It sounded like a good idea, but it sucked. They let to many people in at one time, so you were running into people. Or you were following them. So half the time we were avoiding people to solve the maze by our selves. It took us 45 minutes to find the end. It probably would have taken us less time if we were trying to dodge people. I wanted to do the corn maze with out the girls to see how it was. I didn't know if they had people jumping out at you or not. Makayla wants to go to a haunted house. So I have been trying to find one that wont freak her out. I have to check out the haunted junk yard this year. Last year, it wasn't that scary and I think she would be okay. But you never know what they change.

I did finish one sock. I used the Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn my sister sent me for my birthday. I know I have this thing with wool. Well I did alright with that yarn. I just made sure I put lotion on so I wouldn't break out in a rash. I actually like how soft it is. The other cotton blend sock yarn I use, gets kind of rough. I think I can deal with the merino sock yarn from now on. It's weird, my hands will break out in a rash, but my feet are fine. Odd.

I did go to an Estate sale this weekend. I found cute salt and pepper shakers and an alabaster lighter. Plus I found an old percolator coffee pot. Now I don't ever have to use coffee filters! The girls were amazed when they saw the coffee shoot up the little glass top. The coffee tasted better than when I make it in my coffee maker. So I guess it was my coffee maker that was the problem. It made all my coffee taste like shit.

Oh we also went to a new church this weekend. We went to Ginghamsburg Church. We have been looking for a church we both agree on for a while now. It is a huge church. So that the pastor is not looking directly at you thing is a plus. Then the service was kind of like a christian concert. They had a huge band. I think the pastor preached for a total of 15 minutes. Unlike the church James grew up in. That pastor in his old church was also his high school principal. Pastor Renfrow is kind of long winded. He will talk and talk and talk. His sermons last 2 hours or more. Pastor Renfrow jumps around different subjects and back to the one he started with. It gives me a headache. At Ginghamsburg, they are really laid back. We sat in the balcony and it felt like a coffee shop. They served coffee and doughnuts. Everyone was really friendly, unlike some churches. You know those churches that give you the feeling that they are judging you. So I think we found a winner. Next Sunday, we are going to James' Grandfathers church. Since he is the pastor, he is having some special event going on and wants the family to come.

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Mark Stephenson said...

I am pleased that you liked your visit to Ginghamsburg. Welcome and please come again! I have been attending Ginghamsburg Church for about 10 years.

By the way, I really like the music on your blog! You had me dancing in my chair. :)

God Bless,