Friday, October 19, 2007


I just want to know how the hell are all these people getting MRSA? This is some serious shit going on. People are dying from this, mainly kids. I know in my area they have closed a few schools to disinfect to try and get rid of it. I know kids don't like to wash their hands or whatever, but come on! What do schools have to have a bathroom monitor to make sure everyone washes their hands after going? I know I make sure my kids wash their hands at home and every ware else. Well Bryanna is a compulsive hand washer anyways, so I don't have to worry to much about her.

So I just washed every surface with bleach and I sprayed Lysol all over everything. All I know is, that MRSA shit isn't going to be in my house! Ami got MRSA from work. She's fine, but all she had was a little cut on her finger. I know she bitched and made a big deal out of it at her work. Weather they did anything about it, I don't know. I haven't talked to her about it yet.

Now I have a cut on my thumb, but when I made chicken last night, I used latex gloves when I handled it. I'm not going to take any risk of getting it. I have been watching everyone and making sure that they don't have any sores or any symptoms. I know I sound paranoid, but I don't want my family to get sick and die. It was like all of a sudden this MRSA popped up out of know ware. So as of today, my house is going to be MRSA free.

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KnittyWitty said...

My nephew just came down with MRS, whatever it is. He is a senior in HS, on the football team, invited to apply to Duke, Yale, and Harvard. Suddenly, he is so sick, he is in the hospital. After a week out of school, the doctor said it was remarkable that he could recover so quickly. He is very healthy. I'm a teacher in a middle school and I wonder what would happen to these poor children?