Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I already know I will have a bad day. I had no coffee in the house. I don't always need coffee in the morning to wake me up. I usually drink tea or a soda to give me that kick in the ass. Well today when I woke up, I knew it was going to be a coffee day. As I was going to the cabinet to get that wonderful kick in the ass drink, I discovered that I did not have any! That is when I remembered, Bryanna got up one morning and raided the cabinets and all its contents. Thus, all coffee and anything else in there was destroyed and I forgot to replace the coffee.

I waited until Makayla got on the bus and I went to UDF. I got my cup of coffee and brought it home.( OMG! I forgot how shitty their coffee is.) I waited a good 20 minutes for this boiling coffee to cool off enough, so I would not scream from it burning my lips and tongue. After half the cup was gone, I started to feel like shit. That is when I remembered that the coffee is really, really shitty. So here I am 45 minutes later and I still feel like shit and I am trying not to puke.

What happened to the coffee market? All of a sudden, most store bought coffee is shitty. My Mom has even strayed from the old name brands. Now she is on the Starbucks coffee. She will hunt down any sale on this coffee. Who wants to spend almost $10 a bag on coffee? Well I guess I am with her on that one, Starbucks is the only coffee that doesn't taste like shit. I don't know what happened to the quality of the old name brand coffees. But what ever they have done, STOP IT!! I really don't want to travel 15 minutes to an actual coffee shop to get a good cup of coffee. I might just have to invest in one of those fancy coffee machines. Or maybe it's me. Maybe my stomach is getting old and can't handle coffee.

Where the hell is that Juan Valdez guy that hands people great Colombian coffee through their windows? Where the hell was he today? Dammit!

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