Wednesday, September 05, 2007

One Down

Well here is the first sock for Lamar done. Like my homemade sock blocker? Gotta love the 2 million wire coat hangers I have from James' uniforms getting cleaned every week. I swear if Joan Crawford saw my closets, she just might have a heart attack. God I love that movie!

Lamar should be coming over soon to try on his sock. I hope it's not to big. I tried it on, and it is about a size and a half bigger than when I make socks for women. I also hope he likes the colors. If not, he is just shit out of luck. He is going to ware it and like it or I'll Joan Crawford his ass my self! LOL!

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Vegan Swap Pal said...

The sock looks almost big enough to be a Christmas stocking! Kudos on finishing!

I'm hunting for your email address, but am not having much luck. Can you email me?

veganswapper[REPLACE THIS SPACE WITH 'AT']yahoo[REPLACE WITH 'DOT']com. Whee!