Friday, September 07, 2007

Busy Day

Well today, Bryanna went and had a visit with the MIL. Bryanna wanted to go play with Cheyanna since she hasn't seen here in a while. Their new house is HUGE! I almost got lost in there. There are soo many doors and rooms. I like that house, it is big enough for all MIL's stuff and then some.

We stayed there for a few hours until I got tired. When we got home I found a package from my sister. I opened it and I found all the neat goodies for the girls. It was Leah's birthday last month. Since they live 8+ hours away we were not able to make it to the party. So sis sent the girls the party goodies.

While I was checking mail a few minutes ago, Bryanna came in armed and dangerous! I got squirted in the ear with water. I didn't see that one coming! I didn't really check the goody bags to see what was in there. I just handed Bryanna her grass skirt and ley, along with the goody bags. I thought I would have at least 10 minutes to myself.

Here she is, armed and dangerous! Don't worry, I got her back with the kitchen sprayer.

And in Makayla news, she lost a tooth. I think that tooth must have been loose for over a month. But since she is kinda on the chicken side, she waited it out. I made her pull it last night. I was sick of it just hanging on by a little piece. I was afraid she would swallow it when she was sleeping. The Tooth Fairy didn't come buy last night. Makayla didn't want to sleep. So hopefully she will come buy tonight. I can't ever get a good picture of her with out her making a funny face or some pose. She loves the camera.

Oh and in knitting news, I am working a little slow on the last sock for Lamar. I told him I would have them done by Monday Night Football. Since that is the first official game for the Bengals. So hopefully I can get on the ball and finish them.

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Yvonne said...

Glad the goodies went over so well. Sorry about not warning you, at least it kept her busy for 5 seconds. Another goodie box is on its way. That one is just for you.