Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Lamar Sock

Well I started a toe up sock for Lamar today. I tried using Opal Rainforest, but my hands broke out in a rash from the wool. So I went to One Fine Yarn and found Strapaz Cotton yarn. Lamar wanted orange and black yarn. This was the best I could find. It is orange and black, but it has a little brown in it. I think it looks pretty. I might order more in this color. It has a nice autumn color to it.
I did have to frog part of the sock earlier. The pattern said to cast on 68 stitches. Well I did that and knitted about 2 inches. It looked really big! I mean Shaq size big. So I just frogged down to 60 stitches.
Now on to my big freak out of the day. We still have our house for sale. Well our house is listed in the MLS for all the realtor's in the country. So around noon today, I made Bryanna her lunch and she was watching Dora the Explorer. I told her I was going to take a quick shower and then we could ride her bike before she went to school. So I got out of the shower and I had nothing but a towel on. I walked down the hall way to check on Bryanna, I see this 70 something year old man in my living room! It scared the hell out of me! I almost out of instinct punched the guy. I started screaming and yelling at the guy. In between me yelling I guess he was telling me he used the little lock box on the front door to get in and it said on the MLS that people could stop by any time between 11 am and 1 pm. Anyways, I yelled and screamed some more and kicked the guy out of the house. I call James at work and tell him what happened. So he calls Realtor Brian, to find out what was going on. It wasn't until after James got home that we found out that who ever is in charge of updating the MLS didn't do their job. Realtor Brian was telling James how sorry he was and how inappropriate it was.
So needless to say, I changed the front door handle and I'm still pissed off. I thought if they were going to show your house, they are supposed to call and give your at least 24 hours notice. Every time someone has wanted to see the house they call 10 minutes before or not at all. So hopefully Realtor Brian gets this all straighted out. If not, the next time someone walks in my house I might not be so nice. If they don't call and they just walk in my house, who knows what I will do. I don't know who those people are. I have little kids in the house. And with any mother, you will protect your kids. That guy didn't know if I had a gun or not. My car was clearly in the drive way, so I don't know what the hell he was thinking.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, what a shock! I hope everything is worked out now.

--Your Vegan Swap Pal :-)