Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Toe Up Progress

Well this is how far I've gotten on my first pair of Toe Up socks. I had a little trouble with the heel, but all is well. It was hard to pick up the wrapped stitches, and knit them and purl them together. So I just picked one up at a time and did a pass knit/purl stitch over I looks weird, but the heel will be in my shoe nobody will know but me. I really like the toe up way. I think from now on, I will knit all my socks this way. I wished I would have separated the yarn equally though. That way I could use up all 50g for each sock. I will just have to do that next time.


AfternoonMoon said...

Okay, you have gotten WAY further than I have on your toe ups. I am attempting to start the new "Campanula for the Cure" and have never done toe-up socks. I have read "Wendys generic toe-up sock" tutorial a bajillion times and am lost on the "wrap" ???? is that a horizontal wrap? is it a yarn over? what is it? The internet brought me to your blog. Looks like you got it!

AfternoonMoon said...

Thanks for the head-up on the toe-up. I am going over to the site you recommended right now! I even went to Barnes&Noble and spent a $50 gift certificate to purchase two books on socks to figure this out. Good news is, I have two more sock books!