Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Shopping I Did A Go!

I went to the other LYS today and this is what I got. OMG! I just love that store! She has a way better selection and the parking is awesome. She has like 5 shelves of sock yarn in all types of fibers. Then she has one big giant bookcase full of cotton/ cotton blend yarn! I have never used Sockotta before. I liked the way it feels and I really like the colors. She also has a shit load of Opal and Trekking. She even has the Opal Rainforest yarn in stock. I like the way that looks to. I like the way that yarn felt to, but I only had $30 to work with today. James puts me on a yarn budget. If he doesn't I'll spend a shit load of money on yarn.
When I was looking for this place I got lost. I know it says it's in a residential area, but I still passed it up. Well the store is in her once garage. A little small, but it has a hell of a lot of yarn. Plus her prices are way better. I got 4 skeins for $30! At the other LYS I would have paid $50+. That and the other LYS has one little tiny shelf of sock yarn, and it only has like 10 skeins on it. I know where I'm going to get my yarn from now on. Plus it's not as far as the other LYS.
Well James didn't get that engine from Chase last night. James called and called Chase and he didn't answer his phone. So James said fuck it, I'll go buy a radiator from the junk yard. That's where he is now. I guess I'll have to wait for that engine and transmission for the Blazer. Hopefully, this radiator doesn't have a big ass hole in it. If it does James is fucked.
Well I'm off to knit some socks with my new sock yarn.

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