Thursday, July 26, 2007

In The News ( Well My Rant)

I don't know if everyone is up to speed on the celebrity crap. Well I'm not really into knowing who is screwing who or who is doing what. But now it seems celebrity bull shit is showing up on my local news now. What the hell is that all about!?

It seems Lindsay Lohan had some drug induced rage and was trying to run someone over with her car. I guess this chick has had some big problems with drugs and stuff. Okay first of all her mother is her manager. Second her mother goes out to the "clubs" and gets drunk and acts like a kid her self. No wonder this girl has problems.

If I was doing any type of drug and I was acting like Lindsay, my Mom would not put me in rehab. She would literally, beat the hell out of me. She would be my rehab. Then my Mom would not be at the clubs partying and carrying on like a kid. Yeah I go to the bar ever so often and have a few drinks with my Mom, but we don't dance on table tops showing our hoo-hoo's and act like assholes.

I think what ever judge sees her case needs to have her mother act like a mother and not be her manager. Then this girl should not only complete rehab, but not be allowed to do any film or shows until she gets her shit together. My big thing about celebrities are why do they need to be treated any different than everyone else? Who gives a shit if they have a butt load of money. Why does everyone put them up on a high pedestal? Celebrities need to be treated like everyone else. If a normal person was caught doing the shit Lindsay did, they would be carted off to jail on the spot no questions asked. Hollywood has gone way down hill. It really started getting bad in the late 80's. It just really pisses me off about all the celebrity crap. Okay, I need to stop because I will go on and on about this shit.

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