Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ghost Hunting

See the orbs? They are ghosts. It's right above the railing.

Same with this one. See them? This one is taken a few minutes later in the same spot. and the orb is still there.

Look at the one on the bed. His bedroom is in the loft.
This 4Th of July, James, Lamar, Jenny, Bryanna and I went to our friend Brian's house. He lives out in BFE. Which means he lives 45 minutes away in the country. He bought an old one room school house a few years ago and made it into a house. A very, very nice house I might add. He used as much of the original wood and other things as he could. And he did it all him self, well a few of his friends helped.
Well back in the 1850's or so, his house was the center of town. So that means it was a school, a church, the court house and where they held funerals. Across the street is the cemetery. Then a little ways down the road is the tree they used to hang people. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the tree since there are no street lights or house lights close to the tree. I didn't want to walk through a dark field and fall into a hole or something.
He has had national ghost hunters at his house and they did a report. His house is definitely haunted. In the report at one part of his house the 4 or 5 people couldn't use their camera's. They just didn't work. As soon as they walked away from that spot, the camera's worked again.
He lives alone with his dog Jet. But Brian hears a" little girl "all the time. Plus he has felt a little person come into bed and lay next to him. He knows it's not the dog because, the dog is not allowed on the bed.
I don't know how many of you believe in ghosts, but I have felt them there and seen the "orbs" in every picture I have taken there. Just look at the one on the bed. There is nothing on the bed to reflect light. I even used two different camera's and I still get the orbs. I think it's neat that he has ghosts in his house.

I took a few pictures of Bryanna in the house to see if any orbs would be around her. In every picture, there was an orb next to her. I tried to upload it, but when I did, it looked all fuzzy. But on my camera it looks normal. Weird huh?
When everyone was outside letting fireworks off, I took Bryanna inside. She was getting tired and she wanted to watch cartoons. Well when I was in the bathroom, I heard her say " Stop looking at me!" I came out and asked her how she was talking to and she said " Her! She won't stop looking at me!" I guess the " little girl" wanted to play with her and Bryanna wanted to be left alone. I can't wait until next time we go out to his house. Then I will take two camera's and take a picture with both of them and see if I get a different result.

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Carolyn said...

Hey I want to go with you next time you go there. I would like to see if my camera would get anything. Also I heard that orbs are angels. Might have been from Sylvia Browne.