Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What a Day!

Well I woke up around 7:30 this morning. I was enjoying the quiet and watching the Today show. I get into the shower turn the radio on and start my day. I get out to the sounds of Makayla screaming " Sheeba is dead!"

I run outside and look at her eyes and her eyes are glazed over. She is still breathing and whining, but she can't move. I gave her water and she drank it just fine, but she still didn't move. James called the Vet and I had to go see a lawyer about a few things. So I take the girls with me while James was getting ready to take Sheeba to the Vet.

I get home and that's when James told me that Sheeba died. The Vet said she either had a stroke or was poisoned. We are leaning towards stroke. There is nothing poisonous in our yard or around it. The neighbors wouldn't have gave her anything either. Hunter is fine, so if one of the neighbors had it out for our dogs he would have gotten sick to. So Sheeba is being buried at the pet cemetery.

What a day! After seeing a lawyer and all the moving stuff. I want to cry but I don't want the girls to get any more upset than they already are. She was a really good dog. We only had her for a year, but she was a cool old dog. She was 13 and we took her in when Jim's sister had to move. We knew she was old but I didn't think this would happen for a few more years.

Hunter is depressed. I went and got him a new chew bone and he wont even touch it. I have been trying all day to play with him, but he just lays there. So he is just laying on the floor whining. Sheeba was his sister from another litter. I feel bad for Hunter. So all this week I am going to work with him more and more to get him finished house trained. I don't want to take him to Sean. He was dumped on us, then his sister dies. This dog has been through a lot in his 10 years. Like the Dog Whisperer says " there are no bad dogs just bad owners." Well I am reading his book now so I know how to train myself, James and the girls to get Hunter trained.

This day has sucked really bad so far. I feel like writing a country song. But who hasn't sang about their dog dying and shit like that.

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