Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Men Ugh!

I just got back from taking James to work. Well today I was talking to my old boss Jeff who I used to work for at GM and he says to me, " Why don't you just go and buy a new car? That car is a piece of shit. If I were you I wouldn't feel safe driving my kids around in it."

Well being 8:30 in the morning, I had no tolerance for bullshit. So I say, " Buy a new car? Shit! There isn't nothing wrong with my Blazer. It runs better than most new cars. It has been longer than 5 years since it has had something major go wrong with it."

First of all that man has no right to tell me what I need. It would be nice to have a new or newer car, but there isn't nothing wrong with the Blazer. Yeah, its 22 years old but it's what I call " the car that never dies." I proceeded to tell this man it has plenty of safety features on it. " It may not have that fancy onstar, or air bags but here I'll list the the features. 1. it has good breaks. 2. it has headlights and 3. it has seat belts. What the hell else do I need?"

Jeff laughs and says something like I'm ate up. Well I'm right and that's all that matters. If it was safe enough for me to ride around in when I was 6 then it's still safe enough for my kids. In the 22 years it has been put back together once, and that was when it was about 15 years old. All I do is keep up on tune ups and oil changes. Yeah I had to replace the starter and the sawy bar links but those things ware out. I do know the transmission is on it's last leg but I just don't let anyone drive it. I am determined to see this car to 30 years.

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