Thursday, May 10, 2007

Just One of Those Days

I'm having one of those days, when everything seems to go wrong. I was washing clothes and the washing machine stopped working. Then I spilled a whole gallon of milk all over the floor. Then I was reaching for a glass it slipped out of my hand and broke all over the floor. So today has just been a really long bad day.

Well on the better side, I have lost 5 pounds. YEAH! I haven't stopped drinking soda. I have cut back to one a day. I have started drinking more water and stuff. So now I'm hooked on the Fruit 2'o. That stuff is good! Plus I have the Crystal Light things for bottle water. I'm working on the fat content and frying food. I cheated and made fried pork chops Monday, but I ate a big salad and cut the pieces up and put a few on top. So I would say I am on my way to eating better. I need to get off my fat ass and walk more, but since I'm the Mom I have to do everything. If your a Mom you know that you don't get a moments peace.

Well I think after dinner I'm going to have the girls go with me on a walk around the block. That will help me with exercise, and it will ware them out for bed.


Anonymous said...

We go jogging with the girls while they ride their bikes. More like we run after them. That works too! However I haven't done this in a looong time so I know I need to get back on the plan.

Anonymous said...

Hope your days will get better! Your package should be at your doorstep today!
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