Monday, May 07, 2007

I'm Sooo Sick

That's right, I am soo sick of this damn house! I tell you what if another thing goes wrong I think I will burn the mother fucker down!

Okay, I know we need a new roof, that's a given. There hasn't been a roof on here since the house was built in 1972. Then our washer control box rusted and pipes burst in the walls last year. Okay, yeah the original washer box. So we had to replace the washer box and most of the pipes in the wall. Oh and the drywall all the way around my kitchen where the pipes were.

Now I am having drain problems. I know every 6 months we have to have all the drains cleaned out to the street, because of all the tree roots. Well in January we had them cleaned. So I thought we would be good for at least another few months. NOT!! Last Friday, I was doing a load of laundry and the water was backing up in to my bath tub and toilet. So I had to go to Mom's house to give the girls a shower before school. So I called Father-in law to help with the problem, since we don't have the money for a plumber to come and fix the problem. Father-in -law can build a house from the ground up and it would be up to code. This man can do or fix anything. So he went and brought over the drain snake to help with the drains. Well he couldn't do the job. " Mother" called yelling and screaming about something, so he had to go. Well he showed ME and James how to do it. Well James being a man in all, had to do it himself. So guess what? The MOTHER FUCKING DRAINS AREN'T FIXED!!!!!!!!

Oh they worked last night after he cleared just the toilet. ( which had a washcloth stuck in it.) So I was happy. I could finally do laundry, since nobody had any clean clothes to ware. Well this morning after I dropped James off to work. I came home, fed the girls and then I started cleaning up the big mess he left in the bathroom. I sat down drank another cup of coffee and then I started a load of laundry. Well when it started to drain before the rinse cycle I heard water running. So I ran into the bathroom and what do I see? THE MOTHER FUCKING BATH TUB AND TOILET OVER FLOWING!!!!!

Well I just called Father-in-law and asked him " Can you come over and snake my drains the right way, since your son is a flippin' idiot?"

He asked me " I showed you how to do it. So why is there a problem."

" Well your son took control and wouldn't listen to me when I told him we had to snake the main drain under the kitchen sink. So I either need to beat the living crap out of him for not listening or I can have someone do it the right way. I prefer to be able to wash clothes without my bathroom flooding."

So Father-in-law is coming over later today, if "Mother" will let him to help me with my drain problem. " Mother" better let him come over and help, because she called at midnight last night for us to come over and move a fucking dresser. That's right I had to wake up the girls and drive over there as fast as I could so this woman would shut her pie hole about a dresser so we could go to sleep. If we didn't go over there, she would have called and called and called until we went over there so she could get her way. I really need to go on Dr. Phil about MY CRAZY mother-in-law. I know my Mom said " You marry him you marry his mom to." Well DAMN! I must really love James to put up with that craziness!


Anonymous said...

Sorry for all of your troubles. Things will get better I am sure. I had drain problems with tree roots. I finally had to cut down the trees near the drain pipe and my problems were solved. Anyway I have sent your package and you should be getting it soon. I would think maybe by Wed. or Thursday. Take care and I hope things look better for you soon.
Your KTE Secret Pal

Anonymous said...

yeah hes such an idiot he married you