Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Car is Fixed

After a grueling 8+ hours my car is fixed. I had to wait on James to get me a sawzaw ( an electric hack saw) to cut the old link bushings out. I thought that was the hard part. I had to get a hammer and hit the shit out of them to fall off. After they came off I put the new parts on, but they didn't want to go on easy. So I had to fight and scream to get them on. But both sides are on. When I was fighting with them James had to stick his nose in it and then he tried to take over. That pissed me off! I know what I'm doing and when he does shit like that I just want to kick him in his man berries!

As for the starter, I had to have James get another ratchet and break the bolts free. My ex-boyfriend from high school put the last one on. So I guess he Popeye'd it on, because James even had a hard time getting the bolts off. So I know it just wasn't me that couldn't get the bolts off. Well James being a man and all, he decided to put the starter on. That kind of pissed me off, because I know how to do it and he some times treats me like I'm car stupid. But in reality, when he is fixing a car he asks me how to do things. It just pisses me off!

Anyways, I haven't done the tune up yet. I'm waiting for the weekend so I can replace most of the vacuum line at the same time. All my vacuum lines are dry rotted. They haven't been replaced since the car came off the line in 1985. Plus I forgot to get the distributor cap and rotor button. So I'll walk in the Auto Zone and get 200 feet of vacuum line and a distributor cap and rotor button. Then I'll have to mess with the guys behind the counter, because they will try and sell me stuff that I don't even need. They treat me like I'm car stupid all the time. And that pisses me off more.

I like to mess with them. The last time they tried to sell me something and try and tell me things that were wrong, I had to mess with them. After getting pissed when they tried to sell me a gasket kit that I didn't need. I had to argue with the guy about that. So I asked the guy if he could look up a price for an " Choke Oscillator Pin for a VW Jetta." ( This is totally made up from the top of my head. ) They guy looked in his little computer, then he had to ask a manager to come over and help. The manager couldn't find it. So I ask them if they could call John's Auto Parts. ( they deal with repair shops mostly so they know their stuff. I don't go there because they are kind of high priced.) So when they call John's the guys at John's laugh really hard and make the manager and co-worker feel stupid. That's when I tell them, " That will teach you to screw women. Not all of them are car stupid like you." It always makes the other customers laugh to. I soo rock when I do that!

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Anonymous said...

never mind that you couldnt get the bolts broke free and im sure that was exactly what he wanted to do after working for 12 hours but you know he treats you like your car stupid nevermind he could have gone to sleep