Monday, April 16, 2007

Poor Blaze

My poor old car is getting ready to die on me. This car has been in the family since it was ordered new in 1985. The transmission is almost gone, the engine needs some things fixed on it. So I will have to retire the Old Man for a little while, so I can fix him. James bought that truck which has the transmission in it that I need. I'm wondering if I took that transmission out if he would be mad. Cuz, lord knows, all he will do is blow it up like every other car he has owned. I'm just trying to save me some time in trying to find a 5 speed manual transmission that is not going to cost more than the car is worth. So that means I am working with only $200. ( the car is worth $500)

I love that damn car! I want to keep it so I can pass it on to Makayla. ( yea right) I have a lot of good memories in that car. All the family vacations, soccer games, and everything in between. But in all reality I really need to get a newer car. The Old Man is not exactly "safe" any more. It has no air bags or any other type of safety device, besides brakes. So I think I will have to retire him to a weekend car.

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