Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Bag

Well I am still working on the Folk Bag. So far it has become the never ending bag. You don't realize how long 74" really is. In the past 4 days or so I have only knitted 27". Slowly but surely I will get that bottom strappy thing done.

I am still waiting on some things to come in the mail for my KTE pal. I got a new mail man last week. He is so new, he doesn't even have a uniform yet. So far he has already given me mail for someone who lives 2 streets away. So hopefully he hasn't delivered my stuff to someone else, because if he has that would suck.

I am going to try and remember to send out my Secret Pal package this weekend. I was going to send it out last weekend, but shit happens. If I don't send it out this weekend I will have to kick my own ass and send it out on Monday or Tuesday. If that doesn't happen I will really have to put my own size 9 foot in up my ass to get it in gear. I am usually a very punctual person, but lately there has been so much shit going on. And half of it isn't even my shit to deal with, it's James', the girls and Ami. I am just to helpful of a person. One of these days I'll just say " I don't fucking care! It's not my problem to fix."

Well I am going back to the never ending bottom strappy thing. Well no, I guess I'll start on another project for my Secret Pal. I don't have a clue what I'm going to make, but I hope I'll figure it out soon.

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