Sunday, April 01, 2007

Defending Family

Well Friday night, I took my two boy cousins Jon and Sean to my friend Chase's house, so Chase could fix Sean's car. Chase and his wife Mindy are really good friends of James and I. Chase can fix anything wrong with a car. So I called and asked if he could fix Sean's car because he doesn't have a lot of money to get it fixed. Chase told me to bring the car to his house and he would fix it for $100 and as long as they bought all the parts he needed to fix the car.

So last night I brought Sean to Chase's house to get his car. After Sean left, Chase asked me.....

" Are they gay?"

" Who?"

" Your cousins, are they gay?"

" No, they aren't gay. Why would you think that?"

" They seem a little fruity to me that's all. And they both were wearing He-mo pants."

"He-mo pants? What the hell are He-mo pants?"

" You know, a cross between homo and he or man. So He-mo."

Well that pissed me off. I told him that they were in California for 5 years and hung out with all the punk, neo hippy people. So they are a little eccentric. Chase just kept asking me if I was sure that they were not gay. I know Jon has a girlfriend in New Jersey he is getting ready to go move in with here in about a month or so. Sean, if he's gay more power to him. I don't ask my cousins sexual preferences. But Chase kept going on about how they were dressed like fags and looked like " pole smokers."

Chase is the biggest redneck I know. From the camo baseball hat down to the work boots. He even talks like a redneck. So I asked him if he has ever seen Broke Back Mountain. Then he got mad at me, for accusing him of being gay. So I told him it was the same thing when he called my cousins gay. I told him that he didn't even know my cousins, so don't assume that you know that they are gay. That started a stupid fight. I was my usual self and said my one liners to piss him off. But I defended my family. I did thank him for fixing Sean's car.

I will never ask him to fix another car for me. I thought I was being nice giving him a chance to make a little extra money, since he is still laid off from his construction job. That's the last time I'll be nice and try and help him out. Now Mindy, I'll help her all I can. She even got pissed at Chase for his stupid comments.

I just hate how people judge people on first impressions. That really pisses me off. So what if they are gay, who fucking cares. Not all gay men hit on straight men. I hate homo-phobes! I can go on and on about this, so that's all I have to say about this.

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Kat said...

Good for you for sticking up for your family! I would have done the smae thing. What does it matter if someone is gay? I have loads of friends who are not heterosexual, and to be honest it makes my life a little more interetsing, diverse and colourful!