Monday, March 19, 2007

Wedding Shower

Yesterday I went to my cousin's Wedding Shower. It was really nice. We ate really good food and played some games. Mostly, like all women, we gabbed about all kinds of things.

While I was sitting in the room with all the women, I was sitting next to this older woman in her late 60's. Her name was Janet. She was really nice. I was trying to finish a sock for my sister in law who is in the Chech Republic. I was so far behind on that sock, so I decided to take it with me to the shower.( My mother in law is sending out a package to her today so that is why I was in such a hurry to get it done.) Any who, while I was knitting, Janet asked me if I knit American or European. Only an knitter knows another knitter when they ask that. I told her I knit American and I have tried European, but it wasn't comfortable to me. So we sat and talked about how it was getting hard for her to knit because of her hands. I told her not to feel bad because after a while my hands go numb. She gave me some advice on how to knit sweaters and lots of other things. I had a really good time talking to her.

My family is surprised that I can knit and I like to sew. I really don't know why. I guess it's because I was such a tomboy or something. That's another thing, I know about so many things. I can fix a car, make a quilt, knit just about anything, cook, be a mother and that is who I am. I like to learn about all kinds of things. It kind of makes me mad when people just assume I don't have any interest in things, or I do something that "is not like me" to do. I guess that shows me that people don't know me that well.

Why are things still put into genders? What really makes me mad is when James can't figure out what is wrong with a car he asks me. When he does that people look at me like I'm crazy and I shouldn't know jack about cars. You don't have to be a man to know how to fix a car or fix the pluming in your house. A woman is very capable of doing that. And a man is very capable of knitting, sewing and being a Mr. Mom. It is all about do you want to learn how to do things. Okay I am going to get off this subject because it irks me.

Anyways, I had fun at the shower and it was nice to see my cousins. I can't wait for the wedding. My family likes to party, and it gives me a good chance to catch up with everyone and have a good time.

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