Thursday, March 22, 2007

Laundry Day

I was doing my weekly laundry, and trying to paint the house all at the same time today. I have to paint the house because, we are getting our house appraised so we can refinance. Well the walls were covered in Makayla and Bryanna pictures. So I started painting the house on Sunday. I am almost finished.

So in between painting, I was doing loads of laundry. I put all the clean clothes in the basket and I was going to fold them when I was done painting the door ways. Well when I came back, I found Scooter sleeping in the clean clothes. Don't he look comfy? He is such a big help on laundry day. He crawls inside shirt sleeves and goes to sleep. Then he picks up socks and chews on them. I know he is my catdog.

After I got him to move out of the basket, He started rubbing all over where I had just painted. So now he has green spots on him. That will teach him to rub all over things.
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