Sunday, March 25, 2007


I am FINALLY DONE painting! I have been painting for a week! I would have been done sooner, but James was painting with me and I had to go and fix all the places he messed up. I painted 4 rooms walls and ceilings. I painted Makayla's room a month ago so hers didn't need to be painted. I didn't paint my room, all I had to do was wash the walls, the same in the laundry room. I am so glad I am done painting. Now hopefully I won't have to paint for at least another 5 years.

Now I have to scrub and clean all the rooms good. Then my spring cleaning will be done until winter. I have to wait until the bathroom dries before I can get down to business. I cleaned Bryanna's room yesterday, so that room is done. I really am not looking forward to cleaning my room. I have always hated cleaning my room. I like my chaos in my own space. But according to my Mom, I live in chaos.

My house is a mess, not like piles of crap every ware. But things need picked up stuff like that. My theory is, if I spent the day picking up after 2 little kids and James, I wouldn't have time for anything. I wouldn't have time to make dinner, do laundry or play with the girls. I would be cleaning from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed.

Yeah, I know ask them to pick up their own shit. Well it's not that easy. After a while, they tune me out and ignore me. Or in James' case, he will start a fight and break something, because " I yelled at him" and he hates to be yelled at. Well tough shit! So anyways, When I get tired of looking at it, I pick up and then I throw a shit fit when I do it. Then James starts picking up his own shit. There is nothing worse than, me throwing a shit fit to James. I think he gets scared or something. He has promised to help me more, but I have yet to see it happen. Right now he is supposed to be cleaning up the paint that got on the floor. But he is out playing basketball. Hmm, I think when he gets back I will feel a shit fit come over me. I know I'm evil. Whatever gets the job done.

I have been knitting in between waiting for paint to dry. So far I finished 4 dishcloths, my last gray sock and now I'm working on what I call " Damn that is an ugly rug" rug. I am using up all the left over yarn in my basket. It was getting a little full, so I had to do something with it. Now I have plenty more room for more yarn. I am half way finished with the rug, when I am done I will post pictures of it so everyone can see how ugly this thing is. Ami said it's so ugly it's pretty. I really don't care, it's going in my bathroom. So far I am using 18 different colors and all types of yarn. I am using the size 17 needles my sister sent me and I have 4 pieces of yarn I am knitting with at once to make sure it's thick enough.

Well I'm off to start cleaning.

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