Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl

Well here is my Super Bowl project. I started it yesterday at the LYS. I went to stock up on some sock yarn and to see all the new stuff that came in. I sat and knitted a little with the girls, then I went to the Eagles. I woke up yesterday and James told me to leave for a while. The only time he does that is when he is trying to "surprise" me with something. I was happy to leave, I was getting a little cabin fever anyway.

As I sat in the Eagles, I still knitted. I had a few people ask me what I was doing. The one guy who sat near me was trying to be a smart ass. So since I am a smart ass to, I had a little fun with the drunk. He asked stupid questions and made stupid remarks. So in turn I gave him stupid answers. Most of the women who were in there were impressed that I could knit. I only stayed at the Eagles for about an hour until I thought James was done with my "surprise."

The last time he had a surprise for me, I had a big hole in my wall. So I wasn't sure what I was going home to. When I got home, as I opened the door, I closed my eyes. To my amazement, He had cleaned the house. Well what really pissed me off was, he called Ami to help him. I know Ami needs the money, but she don't need to be doing much of anything right now. She is a week away from her due date. I keep telling her to get as much sleep as you can, because you will need it. But knowing Ami, she wouldn't have done it if she didn't want to. But it still pisses me off, that James can't do anything buy himself. So I told James if he wanted to do these little things for me, then he needs to do it buy himself. I guess that hurt his feelings or something, because he got a little mad. Oh well, nothing new about that.

So I am all stocked up on my Super Bowl things. I have soda, beer, chips, dip, cookies and the all important yarn. I don't think I will need to leave the house for anything, I hope. I think I am going to choose the Colts as my team for this Super Bowl. I'm not really a NFL fan. But I love the college football. The reason is, the college boys aren't getting paid millions and millions of dollars. They are still playing because of two reasons.

1. they still love the game
2. hoping to get drafted to the NFL

Well now I have to get all the chairs ready and tables set up, since James is going crazy right now. Men and their football games.

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