Thursday, February 01, 2007


Well this is the end of Sp9. It was my very first SP thing I have ever did. I really enjoyed doing the SP thing. Although I wish I had made more things for my SP. Between me getting a new job and stuff , I only made her a few things. I sent one big last package at the end with neat little things I found in a British foods store. I hope my Sp (melissa) liked all the things I sent her and I hope she liked being spoiled by me.

I can't wait until Sp10 starts!

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stickchick said...

Thank you, thank you again for all the lovely treats!! I loved them SO much, it was like a little trip to England in a box. It was extra special since you knew that is special to me and you took the time (and money) to send such special things.

Now, thanks to you, my whole family is addicted to jamtarts! Man, were we missing out!!! I have some plans for the yarn very soon too!!

I finally got it all together and have posted your generosity on my blog. About dang time I got that camera together to give you the credit you deserve in public form!! I cannot say thank you enough!!!

Whoever gets to be your pal in SP10 will be VERY lucky!! I'm so glad you are doing it again, me too!!