Thursday, February 08, 2007

James' Court Date

Well yesterday, James, Bryanna and I braved the 6+ inches of snow to get James to court for his speeding tickets. People forget how to drive in the snow. I'm sure a " normal" person would not try and drive 50 mph through 6+ inches of snow. And people wonder why there are so many accidents in the winter, or they say " I don't know how I ran off the road." Okay that is my gripe about stupid drivers.

Alright, as I was saying, we got the the court house just fine. If you have kids you know how hard it is for them to avoid a big snow bank. Well Bryanna jumped in one and every other one on the way in. Like all Federal buildings, there is a metal detector. James went through first. He beeped and it was his shoes, well the eyelets of his shoes. So I sent Bryanna in next. I figured a 4 year old wouldn't beep right? Well she beeped. So the bailiff got out his wand and scanned her. She had change, a Dora figure, candy, a pen, a few rocks, a half eaten sucker, more change and a few bolts. I have no idea how all of that stuff got into her pockets. I checked my purse and her pockets before we left the house. So from the house to the car to the court house, she put all of this crap in her pockets. I think that made his day, he thought it was funny. Then it was my turn to go through. Yes I beeped to. I was waring overalls. He scanned me to, then he got to my pockets. Some how I had a wrench and a bolt in my pocket. I thought I took all metal and anything considered a "weapon" out. I didn't even take my knitting stuff with me. But I did have a ball of yarn in my other pocket.

So I think we made that bailiff's day a little bit better. Well I think Bryanna did. He probably went home and while eating dinner with his family he said " You will never guess what I found in a little girl's pocket today."

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Yvonne said...

"...and a few bolts"

Hahahaha! I love the variety in her pockets. Yours too.