Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I was just happily knitting along, when one of my size 3 Brittany needles broke! I know bamboo, size 3 needles aren't that strong, but damn it broke. It wasn' t like I was ninja fighting with them, I was just knitting a pair of socks! See if knitting needles were like Craftsman Tools, then I would just take it back to Sears and get a new one. But I can't, and that sucks! So now I gotta use metal ones. Metal needles don't bother me, it's just I'm using 5 dpn's for this sock pattern and I only have 4 metal size 3 needles. I guess I'll just have to go to the store and buy another pair of metal needles.

Man this day is starting to suck. First it is butt-ass cold out. Now it is snowing, and really butt-ass cold. Plus my knitting needle broke. All I wanted to do today was, to finish the last sock and get some house work done. This just puts a kink in my day.

Well I already know that tomorrow is really going to suck. James got a speeding ticket and he has to go to court. Hopefully they don't suspend his license. If they do, then he can't do his job. Well he can, but a big part of his job is driving to different houses and putting flooring in. How he got the ticket sounds kind of shady any ways. He wants to fight it, because he feels that it was entrapment. I guess I will have to see how that goes.

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