Sunday, December 17, 2006


I have a hole in the wall in my living room. I can see all the way into my daughter's room. Oh there is a hole in the wall in my living room.

Well that is all I have of the song I made up last night. It seems James and Lamar, wanted to build a "built in" entertainment center. I thought Lamar was going to build me one out of wood, to replace the one I have. I left with Jenny last night to go to Tim Horton's to get doughnuts and coffee. We come back to a big ass hole in the wall in the middle of my living room! This hole is just about the same size as the wall. If I had to guess the size it would have to be a 5 foot by 5 foot hole.

So I guess their plan was to make this big ass hole and then Bryanna wont have a closet. Because they have a frame built in her closet. Hopefully when we sell this house the people only have on child and will use Bryanna's room as a den. Because there is no damn closet in her room now!

Oh my God! what have I married? This man has great ideas, but how he does them pisses me off. He destroys first and then makes a plan. Just this week alone I have a hole in my living room wall, two tire ruts in my side yard from Devin, and my curtain rods broke. This week has sucked so far.

Well I haven't knitted much, because of this shit going on in my house. But I really do plan on getting my projects some what finished. I think my next post will be even more entertaining. Due to the fact that they will be actually putting this "built in" in the wall today.

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Yvonne said...

How's the hole coming along?