Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Back to my boring life

Well I am back to my boring life. It seems Behr no longer requires my services any more. It turns out, since I am "vertically challenged" I really can't see if my hand has scanned for me to clock in. Well I guess last Wednesday it did not and since that is one of the "policies" I got canned. ( There is another reason why they fired me, but it was because of a person I know and that they don't like, who calls them on all of the OSHA, and federal laws that they break. Plus he stands up for people in the "union" who get royally screwed.)

Oh well, they can all go to hell. Just being there 3 weeks I found like 10 safety things wrong with my line alone. Not to mention 3 illegal drug trades on my line. But the nice person that I am, I did not say anything about anything I saw. But like the song says " take this job and shove it!"

All of this is not even the bad part. The three weeks that I have worked there I still have not received my first, or second pay check yet! Now ain't that a kick in the head?! I do have some one trying to find out where my money is.

So now I am back to looking for a job. I have a friend who works at Morris Furniture that says she can get me a job, setting up displays and stuff. Which is fine with me. All I know is I showed up to work every day and I didn't start any shit with anyone. So they can shove that job right up their Nazi asses!!!

Well my knitting has not been all that great. I still can't feel my fingers, so it might take a while for the knitting to take off again. So now all of my Christmas gifts will be delayed. Now everyone will have to have boring 'ol store bought gifts!

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