Saturday, October 14, 2006


Well my day started out okay I guess. I woke up and got the girls their breakfast. I even let James sleep late today. I went to the yarn store to get more yarn for all my projects. I am getting backed up on my projects. I have lots of orders for stuff. James wants an ear flap hat. Ami wants a scarf to match her coat. Bryanna wants socks. And I have yet to finish my winter hat. At least I finished my one project for my SP.

Last night James, Lamar, Jennifer and I went to a few haunted houses. Well we went to one haunted house and two haunted trails. The haunted house we went to, was more for kids. But the first Haunted Trail was so cool! Jennifer has a fear of chain saws. That trail had people with chain saws coming from every direction. Even from the trees! There were people jumping out of the woods and the only thing to make me jump was a guy in a werewolf mask crawling on the ground at your feet. When he first came out I didn't know weather to pet it or kick it! Towards the end of the trail there was this little kid in a clown outfit. I guess he didn't like Lamar, because he was talking all kinds of trash to him. I was proud of Jennifer she didn't even scream once from the chain saws. But she did have a death grip on Lamar.

The second one was a Haunted Junk Yard. It was ok. We had to walk thru this little shack that had coffin boxes and trash bags. Then once you got thru that, there was this room with 6 doors and they all said THIS ONE. So Lamar said " I'll take whats behind door number 1." But a guy jumped out of one of the doors. So we went thru that one and it lead out to the junk yard.
We walked a little ways and three guys with chain saws came out. James was not really impressed with that one. He ask one of the guys " Hey, where are your camero parts at?"
Nobody would tell him. We walked a little down the trail and a car come out and it I guess was supposed to look like it was going to run us over. Then we had to walk thru this "short bus" It wasn't even scary. The scary part was, weather the floor of the bus was going to fall out or not.

So that has been my weekend so far. My Dad and Step Mom are in town. But they are here for Grandpa's memorial at Wright State. He donated his body and now they are having a service for him. My Uncle bought brick pavers that have my Grandma and Grandpa's names on them. So that will be nice to see that. But the hard part isn't over. It is the service I'm worried about. Mu Grandpa's sister is bringing everyone and their brother to this thing. It is what I like to call " The Family Circus." So tomorrow will be a good post. That side of the family is like white trash meets the hillbillies, meets Norman Bates.

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