Sunday, September 03, 2006

Knitting Supplies

It is so hard to find good knitting needles and good yarn in Dayton. I have been to the Hobby Lobby. Yes, they have like 3 isles of yarn. But they only have a slim selection of cotton yarns. Then there needle isle has the basic needles. Okay, so far Hobby Lobby is the place to go. Then there is the local Wal-Mart. Going there is just a waist of time all together. So I don't bother with Wal-Mart. Then there is Joann's. They have a better selection of needles, but not yarn. Plus they are way over priced.

Since those three stores are close to my house, those are where I shop at. I am getting tired of their selections. So I went all the way to Centerville, to the Stitching Post. WOW! That was an even bigger waist of time and money. They had better yarns, but they were way over priced to. They wanted 8$ for 80 yards of cotton yarn. So now I am looking for other places around here. I might just have to start ordering my stuff online. I really don't like to do that. I like to feel my yarn, then I can have an idea of what I'm going to make with it.

So next weekend, I am going to two other stores around here and see how they compare. If they don't wow me, I am doomed to the Hobby Lobby. I am starting to realize the Dayton area sucks, more and more each year.

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