Thursday, April 06, 2006

Landscaping What a Pain!

Well James and I started to map out our landscaping for this summer. We have a lot planned just for the front yard. How it looks, we are going to buy more small bushes than flowers. But I told him that we need to get the kind that comes back every year. He just couldn't understand why I wanted flowers that come back every year. I would like not to have to plant flowers in the front every year. Since he has made the front yard a big mulch zone, it will be hard to keep planting over and over. Now the side yard I'm not to worried about, because that is a smaller area. In the corner yard I'm just planning on tilling it all up and throwing wild flower seeds back there. I would do more to that area, but the back neighbor has two young puppy's and I don't want my hard work to get eaten. Or I might just have to build a small fence around it so they don't eat my flowers.

My main thing this year is to have a vegetable garden in the back yard. I would like to plant some cucumbers, bell peppers, green beans and maybe a few tomatoes. I even have my goofy garden hat all ready. So about May I will start on my vegetable garden. Slowly through the spring and summer I will have the front yard done, hopefully. But who knows, James might derail my plans when he starts on his outside projects. I guess I will have to wait and see, what he has planned.

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