Monday, August 25, 2008

Long Week

Okay, last week was a killer. I was so busy, I need a vacation from it. I had many doctor appointments. Getting Bryanna registered for school. Bryanna's Kindergarten test. Two different open houses for school. Getting Makayla ready for school. My sister and her kids came in town. Then I had my cousins wedding. I know it doesn't seem like that much, but I was running around all over getting shit done. My week was jam packed.

On top of all of that, I just found out today that I have to have my gallbladder removed next month. I am on a special diet to. I can't have any good things to eat. I have to be basically a vegetarian. So that sucks. Oh, plus I am still waiting on my results of my cervical biopsy. I hate the waiting game. Especially with the biopsy. I might have cancer and I might not, but we will make her wait. I am all kinds of fucked up.

The day I had my biopsy was fun. Well I tried to have fun. Let's see, I had 1 nurse and 5 doctors in this small ass room. At first it was only a doctor, a student doctor and a nurse. Then they brought 2 other doctors in. After that I said to the nurse, " If someone else wants to come in, they have to pay $20 to get in." Everyone in the room started laughing. Well they did there test and it hurt. They had that thing opened as wide as it would go. So it hurt a lot. Then the chief I think that's what he was asked me if I was in pain. So I said, " yeah, it hurts." Then he asked me to describe the pain. So I said, " It feels like there is something in there that is not supposed to be in there and I am getting a draft. So close it up." I was totally serious and he thought it was funny.

Then came the fun part. The part when they actually had to take a piece of my cervix. I'm not going to lie. That shit hurt and it hurt a whole fucking lot. So I was in pain and grabbing the sides of the table. So the chief guy said, " Now you will feel some pinching and cramping." My big ass. I said," Do you have a cervix? No. Well when you get a cervix and have this done, you can tell me what pinching and cramping feels like." The nurse looked at me like Hell yeah! But she didn't say anything.

I think I made him mad so he left the room. But fuck that short little bastard. It didn't feel nothing like pinching and cramping. It felt more like ripping and tearing and then someone kicking you in the stomach. They all left but the first doctor and the student doctor. I saw the picture of my cervix on the screen. It looks really gross. They were typing something and getting ready to send it to the lab or something. So I was still sitting there half naked waiting to get dressed. Both of them really didn't know what they were supposed to type or how to send it. So I was sitting there for a good 10 minutes waiting on them to leave. So after that 10 minutes I said," Is that my cervix?" The told me yes. So I said, " It kind of looks like a porn starts butthole all used up don't it?" They both about pissed their pants. So the doctor said, " In medical school they describe it like a wad of chewed up gum, but I think I have to agree with you on that one." So I think I made their day a little bit better. Well I get nervous and I use humor to get over it. Plus I just wanted to get the hell out of there before they decided they wanted to do some other mid-evil thing on me.

Well on the lighter side here are some pictures. From today and last week.

Here is Bryanna on her first day of kindergarten. She looks so thrilled doesn't she?
Makayla has her new glasses, finally. Now maybe she can see better. She really doesn't like to ware them. So I have been on her case about it.

Finally, here is my cousin getting married. He looked great and so does his new wife. I am really happy for them. I had a great time at the wedding. James sort of did. At the end he started to have fun. The girls had a blast dancing and blowing bubbles at people and playing with their cousins. Plus they kept ringing the bell for them to kiss. I forgot my camera so I only had this picture of the wedding. I was rushing out the door because James went golfing with Lamar that morning. So I had to hurry everyone along.

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Yvonne said...

You'll manage. There's no quitters in our family. You are way too tenacious. Call when you find out.