Monday, July 28, 2008

Busy Weekend

Today I dyed some sock yarn. I just got my dye kit from Knitpicks. So I was very happy to see that the package finally came. So I tried out my first dye job with acid dyes. I think it turned out very pretty. I used blue, red and black. I mixed both the blues and reds to get a richer color.

Here is my yarn drying. I know I have yarn hanging over my pantry.

Here is the blue dye I used.

Here is where I stretched out for the striping. Excuse the mess, I have no storage areas like closets in my house. So James has all of his car and all of his tool stuff in my dining room.

Who needs a swift when you have a 7 year old.

Here is another picture of Chevy.

Here is Makayla and my Step-Mom Carolann.

Makayla, Carolann and my Dad.
So my Dad and Step-Mom came for their yearly visit. It all went well, sort of. We all caught up on whats been going on and what not. I was filled in on all of the stuff going on, on his side of the family. All of the crazy antics and what everyone has been up to. I really don't see or talk to anyone from his side of the family. I see my uncle every few months, and I talk to my aunt twice a year. As for my other uncle, I really don't see or talk to him. When my Grandmother died, everyone just went their separate ways. Then when Grandpa died, everyone got together for that like 10 years later. So it was nice to hear what's been going on with everyone.
Well Carolann has been doing the same stuff, but with out the headache of Dad's drinking. He has been "sober" for about 2 years now. Plus he has worked at the same place for over a year. He worked at the V.A Medical Center for 20 years or so before he retired early. After he retired he drank more and did less. He had odd jobs for the past 5 years but never kept them. So I guess this is a big deal that he has had the same job for a while.
But drunks that get sober are like sinners getting saved. He was on my case about drinking. Well I hardly drink. So my liver will be fine. Then he made comments about my Mom and her going to the Eagles. So I told him that she is not a drunk, she just likes to drink. But even if she is classified as a alcoholic, she is a functioning alcoholic. Plus she has never been an asshole like he was to people when she is drinking. So he made the comment about the reason why they divorced was. He said, " She divorced me for my drinking, and she is the one who is drinking all the time." So I told him that he made her that way because he was a cheating asshole, who took his kids to his fuck buddies houses while she was at work, working her ass off all night. Do I have a big mouth or what? I can't help it. I am missing that filter from my brain to my mouth as James puts it.
It wouldn't be right with out a stupid fight though. We had a little argument about a birth certificate. He said he had my original birth certificate, which he doesn't. I have that. Well he gave me the so called original and it was stamped in '93. Hmm, the one I have was stamped in '80. Then he brought up when I was 18 he tried to claim me on his taxes and I claimed myself and he got an audit for that. So we had a little tiff about that.
So that was my fun filled weekend with my Dad and other stuff. Gotta love it when family visits.

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Carolyn said...

At least I'm a happy drunk. Let me re-phrase that. At least I'm a happy drinker. I didn't know that going out once or twice a week made you an alcoholic. I could go on and on about your dad,but some things are better left unsaid.