Tuesday, July 01, 2008

At the Doctor

I went to the crack quack yesterday. I am very very bad about not going to get my womanly exam. It has been around 4 years since my last exam. Anyways, I have lots of problems in that area. I know whats wrong but for the last 10 years or so every doctor thinks I'm either crazy or I am just looking to get drugs. I just want it fixed. I don't care how, I just don't want to feel like I am going to die from pain or bleed to death. Well finally I went to a totally different doctor. She heard what I had to say. ( I have that speech memorized since I have had to explain it so much) She did the exam. Well when she was feeling my ovaries and stuff she said she could feel a lump. That's not good. Then she moved my uterus and asked if it hurt when he moved it where it is supposed to be. So knowing me and how much it hurt when she did that, I said " Let me move one of your organs in a place it's not use to being and you tell me if it hurts." ( It's better that I'm a smart ass than kick the lady in the face.)

After the exam she tells me she wants me to go get an ultrasound. I already told her to skip that part and just take it all. I really don't need it anymore. I am done having kids. I am sure as hell not going to pay $10,000 to reverse my tubes being tied. Like any normal Midwestern American family of 4 has $10,000 just laying around for the hell of it, just in case I want to have another child. Well lets see, with the first child, I almost bled to death. With the second one, they treated me like I was glass. Then after having Bryanna, the doctor told me if I had another child, there was a 70% chance I could die. Hmm, 70% is way to high of a death rate for me. So I opted to get my tubes tied to make sure I would never have a child.

For some reason I don't know why these doctors just don't give me a hysterectomy. From the time I was 16 I have been having problems. I guess they don't like to do that just because you want them to. Clearly I am having problems and they can look at that from all of my records. Just from when they did tie my tubes they zapped a hell of a lot of endometriosis and the doctor took a 12 inch long lesion covering my uterus and part of my tubes. Hello McFly! How can you just make up endomertiosis and a big ass lesion? Yeah, that's all in my head.

Hopefully after I have this ultrasound in 2 weeks they will just take the problem out. Then I wont have to worry about this shit anymore. I bet they wont. They will just tell me to take some beefed up Advil and use a heating pad and get more exercise. Well that shit don't work. Yeah it just dulls the pain a smidgen, but what about the bleeding to death part. It is not normal for a woman to look pail when Aunt Flow is in town. But I guess the doctors think I am making it up or something. I will have to see what the ultrasound says. Then I can go from there.

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