Wednesday, July 09, 2008

All Is Well

Monday I got a few estimates for the damage of my car. Well that asshole did $1,500 worth of damage. The damage that was already done to my car is only $500. So all together I have $2,000 worth of damage to a car that is worth $3,000. The engine and transmission are in great condition. It has a lot of miles on it, but it's a '96. Plus I get around 600 miles to a full tank. Which is great in these times.

Wal-Mart didn't total my car. They are sending me a check for $1,478. They are going to over night the check to me. So I will be able to get my car fixed. As James put it I have $2,000 tires on my car. Yep, they still made us pay for the tires.

Monday afternoon James and I went to Wal-Mart to give them the estimates for the damage. Well there were no managers in the store. All there were was an assistant manager. Hmm, what a nice time not to have any managers in the store. So James got the number to their claims department and called there insurance person his self. We were not going to get jerked off by Wal-Mart. So after about an hour waiting around for the number they finally got back to us. So James was super pissed. I was to. I was so mad my hands were shaking. James can keep his cool way better than I can.

We had to fax the estimates to the lady and with in about 2 hours she got back to us and told us that they were going to mail us a check for the damages. So at least they didn't want to total my car. If they were going to total my car then I would have to open my mouth. So all is well with the Wal-Mart bullshit.

So fuck Wal-Mart! I am never going to shop in any of their stores. I will pay a higher price and go to Target or Meijer. So once we get the check, I am going to a junk yard and I am going to get the quarter panel a door, front and rear bumpers. Then I will take the car and get the rest of the stuff wrong with it and pay to get that fixed. I don't have the tools to fix the frame, so a body shop has to do that. Then I will put the parts on and have it painted. I can't put the newer parts on until the frame is straight. That would just defeat the purpose of getting the parts. So after all of that, my car will be like new. I know that is not what Wal-Mart is paying for, but that dumb ass shouldn't have been driving a stick shift if he didn't know how. The messed up thing is, after I got my tires, I was getting ready to get the rest of my car fixed.

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