Friday, April 18, 2008


Last night while I was at the Eagles, James talked to our other neighbors. It seems they are assholes. The one house down from our next door guy Chris is a bitch. Kelly has these bushes that are very dangerous. She has Burning Bushes planted very close to a PUBLIC sidewalk. So she tells James, " I don't want your kids riding their bikes in front of my house, because I don't want to be liable if they fall into my bushes." When James told me that, I was pissed off! So basically that bitch said she didn't want anyone to ride past or even walk buy her house. What the hell kind of shit is that? It took all I had not to go to her house at 11 o'clock at night and tell her, quit being a big fucking bitch and deal with the fact that she lives on a block with people who have kids.

Then Chris and Kelly tell James that they are going to call our landlord on neighbor Lori. I guess her kids and their friends make to much noise when they are outside playing. They do a little bit, but they are kids, and it is finally nice outside. All of the kids have cabin fever and they are just happy to be able to go play outside. Lori's kids are only home by themselves for maybe 2 hours if that. They are 9 and 12 so they are old enough to be at home with out an adult for that long. When I'm outside I keep and eye on her kids to. They don't do anything bad. All they do is hang out with their friends who come over and talk and horse around a little bit.

So James told Chris and Kelly that he will see what he can do about Lori's kids so they don't call the landlord. Chris', Kelly's, BMW dude's houses are the only ones on the small block that are actually owned. Past BMW dude's house is another double that our landlord owns. So those three houses are banned together to hate the renters. Which is fucked up. I don't know about the other renters at the end of the street, but this end we mind our own business. We don't cause problems. We sit on the front porch and watch our kids play and that is about it.

So I'm pissed off right now. My kids can't ride their bikes very far at all. They can ride their bikes from my house to Chris' house and that's it. And that isn't very far at all. So a two house lenght, what fun is that? I told James maybe I should take Hunter for a walk and maybe he will eat Kelly's little squeak toy of a dog. I know that's mean, but she pissed me off. Who made her queen god of the block?

She just got home a little bit ago and she walked next door to Chris' house. So I walked over to her and asked very nicely as I could, if she could trim her bushes a little so they are not hanging over on to the sidewalk. She got pissy with me and said, " No. I don't feel like it. I put those bushes there for a reason. So people won't mess with my house." So I told her, " Who the hell is going to mess with your house in Tipp City? It's not like the West Side of Dayton with all the crack heads and hookers walking around. Not a damn thing happens in this city. It's like fucking Mayberry." So I drew a chalk line on the sidewalk and said, "Now does that make you fucking happy!? Now my kids wont go any where near your jacked up, Martha Stewart wanna be house!"

I pissed her off and she said she was going to call my landlord and tell on me. So I pulled out my phone and called him myself. I told him what had happened and he laughed. So Landlord told me if I have a problem with her and how she talks to my kids, then I can all Andy Griffith and Barney Fife to come out and resolve the problem. Of course I had him on speaker phone so she could hear him. I also addressed the problem with Lori's kids and told him how they really are since I am home all day. He basically said, so what deal with it. If she doesn't like it then she can move. He is not going to evict anyone for kids playing outside. Just as long as they don't destroy their property and they have to have proof that her kids or our kids did it on purpose.

So fuck those neighbors! They can kiss my ass. I might just start taking Hunter buy her house when she is at work so he can piss on her bushes to kill them.

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