Sunday, March 09, 2008


Well we have a total of about 12.5" of snow at my house. It is so deep, that the snow comes up to Hunters chest. Poor dog. He had a hard time trying to find a place to go potty. He loves snow anyways. He wants to play in it so bad, but the yard is not fenced in. So he has to be on a leash.

We are all still snowed in. The roads are some what plowed, but not really. I have to dig my car out and that will really suck. Only if I didn't have to drive Makayla to school. If I didn't have to do that on Monday, I would leave the s.o.b buried in the snow. All night I kept seeing the flashing lights of the snow plows. Then I saw more snow I had to shovel away from my car.=(

I did feel bad for the mailman yesterday. We didn't even get our mail until around 5. If I knew he was coming up the walk, I would have offered him some hot cocoa or something. It was nasty out. James and Doug ( next door neighbor's brother) shoveled the walk and the steps. I shoveled the steps earlier for Hunter. I took him out and he couldn't find the steps and slid down them. After he did that he looked up at me like, " What the hell happened to the steps?" When James and Doug were out there it was about 2 hours later and it was really bad. I tried to get a picture of how deep the snow was, but my batteries died.

So my plan for today is to dig my car out. That is my only mission for now.

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