Monday, November 26, 2007

Holiday Trip

Well Mom, the girls and I left for Virginia on Wednesday morning to visit my Sister and her family for Thanksgiving. The car ride was nothing unusual, with kids. We finally get to my Sisters house and that is when all hell breaks loose.

It has been a while since the girls have seen their cousins. So they played and played. Well it was nice the first two days we were there. So they played outside. Well my Sister has this big ass dirt/rock pile in her back yard. It seems that all the neighborhood kids love to play in this pile. So yes, I had two little dirt balls at the end of the day. But at least they had fun. ( I have pictures but I don't feel like uploading them yet.)

So Thanksgiving Day. We had a wonderful spread to feast on. The turkey was awesome! My Sisters friends joined us also. The just had a baby a few weeks ago, so they were still adjusting to the real parenting life. I guess Amy's Mother had been staying with them for a week and then she left. So that was the first full week that Amy and Rick had by themselves with the baby. Sam was a tiny little thing. Bryanna was a tiny baby. But it has been so long since I was around a tiny one I forgot how tiny they can be. So all in all Thanksgiving was great.

On Black Friday we were smart and did not even go near a store. We went to the National Zoo. The girls had a blast. Since it was cold, they didn't have a lot of exhibits open. But we did see the crazy Cheetah. Keith brought a wagon so if the girls got tired, they could rest a little. When we saw this Cheetah, Makayla and Bryanna were in the wagon. They have this marking of how fast a Cheetah can get up to 60mph. So Keith took off running with the girls in the wagon. Well the Cheetah started chasing them. It was the funniest damn thing I have ever saw! It was like when dogs run up and down a fence.

So the trip on the way back was about the same as going there. But I did see this awesome sign. I wish I had my camera. The sign was on I-68 at exit 14B. All the sign was, was a question mark. So I said, " What the hell? It's like, eh we don't fucking know. Your guess is as good as ours." So on the way back, if I had remembered my camera I would have taken a picture of that. Oh and there was another sign. I don't remember what highway it was on but it was near Friendsville. The exit was for Quaker City. Well, there was also an Adult Book Store on that exit. I just thought that was weird. Quakers and Porn. That is a great combo.

But my arm still hurts, so I haven't been able to knit for like 3 weeks. I have been taking Advil everyday. But now my stomach is all fucked up from it. So my goal today is to find an Acupuncturist. I am willing to try anything to make my arm stop hurting. I just can't not use my arm. I am a Mom. I don't get days off. I have to clean, cook and do all the other Mom stuff. On my trip it started to heal a little, but now that I'm back, I will just be back where I started. My Mom told me to get a sling. Well that is a good idea. I might just have to try that. But I doubt that it will last long.

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