Friday, October 12, 2007

Cold Weather Knitting

Well I put that spiral sock down for a bit to start on a blanket. I went to Hobby Lobby since they are having a sale on Lion Brand Homespun. I only got one skein to see how it will look. So far it looks pretty good, and now I have to go back and get more of the same dye lot. That is my plan for this weekend is to knit a blanket. I doubt that I will get it finished in a weekend but I will sure as hell try. It has been years since I have made a blanket. I think the last blanket I made was crocheted. I crocheted the blanket when I was pregnant with Makayla. The color I picked goes very well with the retro '60's couch I got from my Great Aunts. ( I wont buy a new couch until the girls are older. I don't want them to destroy a new couch buy spilling kool-aid or wiping their boogers or whatever on it.) I just started it yesterday and I have only increased to 60 stitches. I plan to increase to 200 stitches and then decrease from there. I will post pictures after this weekend.

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