Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sock Order

Here is a picture ( well not a very good picture) of the socks I'm making for Lamar. He asked me to make him some socks with the Cincinnati Bengals colors in it. I told him I would look at the lys to see if she had any. Well I remembered that she just go the Opal Rainforest collection in. So I looked at that the tiger yarn. I know the Cincinnati Bengals mascot is the Bengal tiger. Well I didn't like the way the yarn looked. Then I saw the butterfly yarn. That looked more like the colors he wanted. When I got back from the lys, he was at the house. So I showed him the yarn. He really liked that I found "bengals yarn." So I started his socks today, so by Tuesday I should have them done.
Well in other news, there was some drama with Makayla, Devin, Ami and I. I'm not going into detail, but basically Ami brought to my attention that Devin "kidnapped" Makayla. So Ami got me all worked up and ready to kill Devin. ( but when she called me on thursday, she acted like she just found out, and he was never going to come back. but she knew all along where he was and when he was coming back.but she didn't tell me that part.) I finally figured out that he took her to his Mom's house 2 hours away and he didn't even bother to tell me. So blah blah blah Ami was starting shit with me and Devin. So to cut it short, I ended up driving 2 hours to get Makayla. Plus I was super pissed off. ( in case ya'll didn't know, I have a temper from hell.) But it all came down to Ami was mad at Devin for something so she thought it would be fun to get me pissed off at him to. But she didn't realize that she just caused him not to be able to see Makayla for longer than a few hours with out me around. Instead of them picking her up on Friday and keeping her until Sunday, Devin has to come here and visit her, and not leave with her. Not only that, I was literally 5 minutes away from calling an Amber Alert on him. So he would have went to jail for a few years. Now I am pissed at Both of them. So from that little stunt, Makayla has to suffer because those two were acting like high school drama queens. So I hope they are both happy.
Well now that is the update on my drama filled life. I'm off to finish Lamar's sock.

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Breien in Lansingerland said...

Sad to read it... especially while Mackayla is suffering from it. I like the sock yarn you are working with though.