Monday, July 09, 2007


I finished the Sockotta socks last night. I think they are really pretty. I still have enough yarn to make another pair. I might even have enough to make 2 more pairs in this color.

Well today, I am watching Rebeca for Ami. I watched her yesterday for most of the day. Devin is such an asshole! He can't stand that little baby. He just doesn't like the fact that she can crawl an put things in her mouth. I wonder how he's going to feel when Landen is able to move and get into things. He wasn't around when Makayla was 8 months old. He took off when she was about 4 months old. So he has stayed 1 month longer with Ami.

He claims that all Rebeca does is scream. Well from what I heard, she was just playing. You know, that half scream but it's because they are happy and playing. The only time she really did scream was when she was tired. Devin does the bare minimum for that baby. He doesn't want to play with her, or talk to her. And I think this baby knows that Devin doesn't like her, so she screams a lot when he is around.

So last night Ami tells me that Devin said it was her fault that he didn't have a job. She should have been at the house to make sure he was awake to go to work. And now it's because she went to Chicago, and got her niece. So he is stuck at home taking care of 2 babies. Well i told him yesterday when I got Rebeca, that he can drop the kids off and I would watch them so he could go look for a job. After I said that, he changed the subject. So he is the same old Devin. All I know is I told Ami I would help her as much as I could with babysitting. So Ami should be here soon to drop off Rebeca.

Well I'm off to finish baby proofing the living room.

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