Friday, July 13, 2007

Baseball Game

Here are the team mascots, Gem and Heater.
Here is Makayla and Bryanna enjoying the game. Oh and James enjoying nachos.

Here is the Dragon's score board. I had taken a few other pictures, but every time someone would put their head in the way.
The people in front of us were really annoying. The cup holders are in front of our seats. So that means they are on the back of the seats of the people in front of you. Well this older couple I'd say in their late 30's early 40's were sitting in front of us. Well most of the game, they were making out. The guy had his arm constantly around the girl. So his arm was half way over the seat most of the game. Well Bryanna would put her drink in the cup holder and hit the guys arm a little. She would always say sorry to him. For a 4 year old she has really good maners.
He kept looking at her and giving her dirty looks. Well, towards the end of the game, when Bryanna was putting her drink in the cup holder, he gave her a dirty look and stared at her. I was knitting and watching the game. I got soo mad, I almost stabbed the guy in the eye for looking at Bryanna like he did. He looked at her like she was some drunk loud mouth sports fan. So after that, we got up and left. If I would have told James what was going on, he would have probable gotten to a fight.
Other than that, we all had a really good time. The Dayton Dragon's won 11-3 over Clinton. I think next time we go, I want to have lawn seats. If we have lawn seats, the girls can stretch their legs and move around more. They were both really good. They both sat in their seats most of the game. Another reason why I want lawn seats is, I don't have to worry about Makayla or Bryanna pissing anyone off by putting their drinks in a cup holder and someone getting stabbed with a knitting needle for yelling or looking at my kids wrong.

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