Thursday, June 28, 2007

This City Sucks!

Well I knew it would happen sooner than later. I finally got a letter from the city about my "trash" in the front yard. So now James' wish comes true, he gets to smash up the toilet.

The city has hired 3 new zoning people to help track down "eye sores" that are on people's property. So these are the things you will get a " violation" letter.

- Junk and Debris. Okay that's a given, but the rules on the junk and debris states " materials or goods that are so worn, deteriorated or obsolete as to make them unusable in their existing condition." Well I am "recycling" an old toilet into a flower pot. I tried to explain this one to the zoning manager, but he wasn't buying it. I cleaned it out really really good. I bleached it so its sanitary. I was trying to do the earth a favor with not filling up a land fill any more.

- Tall Grass and Weeds. DUH!

- Unlicensed and Inoperable Vehicles. Alright this means you can't fix your own damn car in the city any more. WTF?! What about us poor people who have to fix their own cars because we are poor? I asked the city manager about this one to. He said it makes the neighborhood look trashy if people are fixing their cars in the driveways. I asked the man " So what about these people who fix up old classic cars?" He said, " I'm sorry but they will have to do it in their garage or some place else." Okay that pisses me off. My father in law has this kick ass 1942 gangster car. So this man has to clean out his garage FULL of tools just to fix up his car. That's fucked up.

- Exterior Maintenance of Property. This includes the roof, gutters, down spouts, etc. Well what about us poor people once again that can't afford to have a new roof put on? Another question I had and that dick head's answer was, " The owner will have a time frame to fix the problem, then if that time frame isn't met there will be a $250 fine every week until the problem is fixed." My response was, " So your telling me, if someone can't afford to replace their roof, you will fine them money they don't have? So your telling me, I would have to go with out utilities, food for my kids, paying my mortgage and things to live just to make the city happy that my roof don't look like crap?" He said, " Yes. and until the fines are paid there will be a lien put on the property." That really pisses me off! First of all, the city will basically make you poorer just so their city will look " upscale".

The rest of the rules apply to business owners.

And James wants to keep this house. He is smoking crack! If the city is going to be like that, we really can't afford to live here. Every year I hate this city more and more. The traffic is bad, the schools are going down hill, crime is going up. But hey let's make the houses look nice so we can cram more people into this already packed city. Fucking assholes!

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